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View the below library of product demonstration videos as well as customer testimonial videos. Ergo Elements standing desks are comprised of a beautifully designed product that offers a wide array of functional and ergonomic benefits. Our standing desk product category consists of a variety of standing desk products ranging from, hand crank standing desks, single motor standing desks, and dual motor programmable standing desks. The purpose of this variety is so that the customer can select the product that is just right for their use application and needs. 

Hand Crank Vs Electric Standing Desks: 

See the side by side videos of our Manual Standing Desks compared to our Programmable Electric Standing Desks.  Notice the differences in the operation, features, and use applications.  If you have any questions about selecting the correct model for your use application, work, or home environment, don't hesitate contacting our California based customer service team (415) 671-6392.  If you've got questions, we have got answers! 



Standing Desk Converters by Ergo Elements:

Switch between sitting and standing all day to long to increase productivity, improve health, and to be more comfortable during work. The Ergo Elements collection of standing desk converters is guaranteed to to include a piece of office and home office equipment that improve your life.  Don't have the money to spend on a full complete standing desk set? Well now you don't have to sacrifice your health. Instead, shop the collection of affordable and efficient standing desk converters by Ergo Elements. The Hop, Catapult, Bounce, Liberate, and Jump model standing desk converters all have their unique benefits, so find the one that's perfect for you. 


Monitor Mount Arms by Ergo Elements:

Now that you're a standing desk owner and you're on your way to improving your health, what’s next? Will you still be hunching over to look at an incoming email on your laptop or adjusting your monitor stand to glare directly upright? We've solved this problem, by creating a line of ergonomic monitor mounts to help optimize your health and to keep your desk looking clean & fully functioning.The collection includes 5 different models of Monitor mounts.  The Lift, Aero, and Premium mounts are single arm mounts designed to accommodate 1 monitor. Do you use two monitors at your workstation?  Then shop our two dual monitor mounts the Aero Double and the Premium Double monitor mount arms.




Tabletop Installation Videos For Manual & Electric Standing Desks:

See the brief videos below showing the very basic instructions for connecting your Ergo Elements tabletop to your already assembled Ergo Elements standing desk frame.  View both the video for the Manual Standing Desk and the Electric Standing Desk products.  For full detailed assembly instructions for both the Desk Frame and the Tabletops, view our Downloads page for the full length Owners and Assembly Manuals.


Hand Crank Standing Desk Tutorial Video:

View the brief Ergo Elements hand crank standing desk tutorial video. This video shows the manual hand crank desk in action.


Our company is dedicated to providing the very best quality products and service. Creating happy and Healthy customers is our goal! We strive to be the best in the industry.

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