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Ergo Elements Standing Desk Mat

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5.00 LBS

Standing desk mats and anti fatigue mats by Ergo Elements. Effectively living an active lifestyle requires an acute sense of balance. In terms of your workspace, that translates to spending equal time sitting and standing. Adjustable height standing desks are the tool that help make that balancing act a reality. However, standing for prolonged periods can sometimes do more harm then good. An anti-fatigue standing desk mat not only minimizes harmful compression to the discs of your spinal column, but also provides raised physical features that encourage the frequent changing of positions which in turn promote increased blood flow and the use of different muscle groups.

Ergo Elements Standing Desk Mat Features:

  • Anti-fatigue polyurethane foam material reduces spinal compression.
  • Raised areas to engage different muscle groups while standing.
  • Non-slip underside that prevents slipping when standing on the mat, but that allows for easy sliding into position when changing from sitting to standing.
  • Foot massage center bump
  • Mat dimensions: 26.5" x 26" x 3"

Standing Desk Mat User Guidedownload1.png

We've designed the perfect standing desk mat to optimize your health through a combination of comfort and influenced activity. The variety of topographic features as well as the dense foam compression will leave you feeling refreshed and energized, even after a long day at your desk. The innovative design utilizes specific shapes and contours to naturally direct your body into muscle relaxing and tension reducing postures. The positions and postures are endless with Ergo Elements standing desk topographic mats.





5.00 LBS
26.5"Wide x 26"Deep x 3"Tall
Material Composition:
Polyurethane non-slip compression foam
Topographical Features:
Foot massage center mound, rear arch ridges, raised foot-up plateau.


There are 39 review(s) for this product

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  • Great quality mat, I totally recommend

    by Kimberly – 9th Oct 2018

    I wanted to buy a standing desk mat, Although at first, I was skeptical about how it looks whether it's really effective or not. But now I'm glad I took that risk and bought one. It's a little bigger from the picture and there's a lot of room for me to move. I have a lot of activities to do in my day from yoga to work and sometimes there are those days that I'm really tired from this. This mat keeps me moving and stretching which, to be honest, feels just satisfying. I recommend this mat so much if you're looking for a way to relax while you work. Although I had this only for a few days I think I'll make an update f there's a problem.

  • It's very surprising how useful it is.

    by Howard – 4th Oct 2018

    I'm surprised by this anti-fatigue mat. I purchased it along with my standing desk. It was very tiring to stand while working although I don't feel that comfortable sitting down either that's why I bought this mat. I couldn't be happier with the results. I would say this mat is a must have for any kind of desk that you have.

    There's a lot that I like about this mat. First is I get to position myself however I want. Second, it's not so tiring to remain standing rather it's more relaxing. Finally, the massage part of the mat feels nice for my feet. Good thing that I can move this around in my workstation.

  • New office stuff.

    by Roger P. – 2nd Oct 2018

    Usually, I can’t really stand that long while working, I like standing while I work but I can’t really maintain it. This mat got rid of that problem.

  • Long hour with great comfort

    by Roselyn G. – 27th Sep 2018

    First time using a sit stand desk mat. I understand now why my friends have this in their office, it really helps with the long hours of work.

  • Got my new mat and I love it

    by Eric G. – 26th Sep 2018

    I used to be very uncomfortable while working as I stand. I use it for graphics, I needed to position myself while I work which I got after buying this standing desk mat. It's a lot of help.

  • Kinda Small

    by Alisa B. – 25th Sep 2018

    I had no idea what the anti fatigue mat is and got one. It helps me with my back problems and those bumpy things are really useful for massage. Although I thought it was bigger.

  • Satisfyingly Comfortable

    by Marjorie K. – 24th Sep 2018

    I had many mats over the years and so far the "Enter Product" is the best I've had. It's so comfortable. But could use a little more adjustments.

  • Purchased a great mat

    by Charles Jenks – 21st Sep 2018

    Having the standing desk topo mat is a great improve at work. I can't really tell how durable it is but it's what I needed.

  • Never been more comfortable at work

    by Alexander G. – 20th Sep 2018

    This standing desk mat is the real deal, being able to stretch around at my work is a big help while as I shift from my chair to standing. Lots of people from my work wanted to try it out as well.

  • Got rid of the pressure over my feet

    by Bryan D. – 19th Sep 2018

    The bumps is helpful for the feet, This standing desk topo mat live up to the advertisement.

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