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Corporate Sales

Our ergonomic furniture and standing desks are outstanding products offered at rock bottom prices. We keep it simple; we are the designers, the manufacturer, and the distributor. Our fully enclosed business model allows us, to offer you, the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. Our active lifestyles led us to the creation of Ergo Elements and we’re excited to share our life improving products with you and your team. With this said, we still get asked “Can you offer even better pricing if we buy desks for our entire office team?” Our answer to this is, “Sure, why not?” View our 2-part corporate sales program, detailed below. 

Part 1:  Save Your Company Even More Money (Running Total)

Introducing the “Standing Desk Corporate Punch Card”. When you buy 10 desks, we will give you the 11th desk absolutely free. With the Ergo Elements punch card, we’ll keep track of your organizations purchase history and whenever your company's account places orders through our system, we’ll track and credit you with the purchase. For every ten desks purchased, you will receive your eleventh desk absolutely free.  For example; If you buy 50 desks, we ship you 55. It's that plain and simple.



Part 2:  You Personally Get Rewarded With Gift Cards (One Time Purchases)

Not only does this program save your company money, it also hooks you (the purchaser) up. On one-time orders of 10 desks or more, we’ll ship you (the purchaser) a $250 Amazon gift card. In addition to receiving the 11th desk free, we’ll also ship you personally (the purchaser) a $250 Amazon gift card. (Example: When you order 50 desks in one single order, we ship you 55 desks, and five $250 Amazon gift cards ($1,250 total).


Think about that punch card in your wallet for the neighborhood deli or coffee shop. Our nifty website will keep track of your order history which you can easily access and monitor as well. The system will notify you when your 10th desk has been purchased so you can expect the free desk and gift cards. Please contact our sales team if you have any questions. Ergo Elements can work directly with your team to outfit entire offices or to grow with you as your company's needs grow. Contact us today, to discuss workspace ideas, solutions, and how to create the healthiest environment for your team. Trust in our products, as they will help you and your business grow and flourish.


Fine Print & Details:

  • To receive our corporate sales discount, all purchases must be made under the same customer account (all must be done at time of purchase).


Our company is dedicated to providing the very best quality products and service. Creating happy and Healthy customers is our goal! We strive to be the best in the industry.

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