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The Standing Desk is Here to Stay!

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Many think that Adjustable Height Standing Desks are just a temporary fad and trend. You read all the online articles that promote the numerous health and productivity benefits that Adjustable Height Standing Desks such as those made by Ergo Elements provides. It's the cool, hip thing that all the tech offices and companies are adopting.

But seriously, how long can this trend last? 

When you think about how many professional and academic institutions are using standing desks, you can't help realize that these Standing Desks are definitely here to stay. 

For example, at the Villanova University School of Law Library, the administrators listened to numerous requests from their visitors and patrons and converted a large number of their carrels into standing desks.

Another example is Alexandria Country Day School in Virginia. It appears to be one of the first schools in the United States to provide Adjustable Height Standing Desks in every middle school classroom.

And with the help of nonprofit companies like Stand Up Kids, the goal of getting Standing Desks in every public classroom across the country will near reality faster than anyone had ever imagined.

In West Caldwell, New Jersey, two years ago, teachers Jennifer Emmolo and Jaclyn Ginex wrote a grant to get standing desks at their public school, Wilson Elementary School. They were looking to find a way to deal with disruptive behaviors such as students fidgetting or banging their pencils and disturbing a neighbor, and at the same time, give students an outlet for their energy that was not disruptive to anyone else in the class. Their search led them to Adjustable Height Standing Desks.

More and more, the Standing Desk is becoming an established convention. So shouldn't you be looking into an Ergo Elements Adjustable Height Standing Desk as well?


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