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T-Frame for Toughness

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While shopping around, you may have come across many different types of Adjustable Height Standing Desks from many different manufacturers. And if you went ahead and purchased an Ergo Elements Adjustable Height Standing Desk, you made the right choice. When designing products, Ergo Elements places the highest priority on ergonomics and stability over all other elements. That's why our Adjustable Height Standing Desks are specifically designed and engineered to meet the highest standards in these two areas.

In previous blog posts, we touched on the ergonomic and health benefits of the Ergo Elements Adjustable Height Standing Desk. But now we will focus on the stability aspect of our desk. From conception, we start our product design with basic structure of the frame. Most Adjustable Height Standing Desks come in either the T-Frame or the C-Frame design and some of the other brands of Adjustable Height Standing Desks only use the C-Frame.

We've decided to go exclusively with the T-Frame design because it's simply put: TOUGH. Perfectly balanced weight distribution, equal user accessibility from either side of the desk, and a physical design that is more resistant to the wear and tear of gravity are what gives it the clear edge over the C-Frame design. Now don't get me wrong, when the C-Frame desk is made well, it can be very stable. But with materials, quality of manufacturing and engineering being equal, the C-Frame can never be as stable and versatile as the T-Frame. 

Not only does the C-Frame require an extra lower horizontal crossbar for proper stability, it only allows the user to interface with the desk from one side because the cross bar and legs are pushed to one side and not balanced in the middle like the T-Frame. This means more assembly time, labor and less versatility. 

And if you like to put your elbows, devices, or write at the front half of your desktop, over time this edge-weight will take it's toll on the unbalanced C-Frame. If the materials and workmanship of the desk frame are not exceptional, you will start to see the beams that hold the top start to bow downward or become loose and wobbly over time.

We've put a lot of thought into our products and the integral T-Frame design is only a small portion of the care we've taken. So go ahead and use your Ergo Elements Adjustable Height Standing Desk worry-free, because we're always looking out for you!

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