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Sitting is the New Smoking

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Throughout history, humans have evolved from highly mobile creatures who survived on purely physical traits to sedentary ones who rely more heavily on cognition. With this, it's only natural that the technology we use changes with us. But these days, people are surrounded by tools and objects that force them to sit in front of a screen for most of the day.

According to the latest findings in the medical journal Circulation: Heart Failure, the risk of heart failure is increased with a sedentary lifestyle. If you're sitting at your desk staring at the computer screen at work for 8 hours and come home to sit again in front of your T.V. for several more hours, this study is speaking to you.

Enter: Ergonomic Adjustable Height Standing Desks

Whether it's for work or play, Ergonomic Furniture and Accessories can provide tools that meet your body's natural need to stand upright and use those muscles that are under-utilized in today's sedentary lifestyle. Adjustable Height Standing Desks forces you to use those under-utilized balancing muscles in your legs, feet, back, and hips throughout the day just as our ancestors once did. In turn, your heart gets more use by having to pump oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to support these muscles. Ultimately, this keeps your heart in better shape.

So do your heart a favor and kick the habit of excess sitting. Stand straight, proud and tall like a proper human being should!


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