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Ergo Elements Brain Boost

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Ergo Elements Adjustable Height Standing Desks have been known by our loyal customers to benefit physical health and increase energy level throughout the work day, but compelling new research is showing that it may also also boost your brain function.

Researchers at the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health at Texas A&M replaced traditional sit desks with standing desks in the classroom and evaluated executive function using computerized tests. Executive function is the cognitive skills we use to figure out the best way to tackle tasks and implement the steps to achieve objectives. 

And the results were startling. Lead study author Ranjana Mehta, PhD reported that “continued use of standing desks was associated with significant improvements in [the students’] executive function and working memory capabilities."

The researchers believe that the use of standing desks may provide benefits similar to those seen with the use of exercise programs. This is the first time standing desks have shown brain benefits similar to systematic exercise programs.

This is another great reason to tell your friends and family about Ergo Elements Adjustable Height Standing Desks!


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