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Standing Desks on Standing Desks on Standing Desks


Make sure your workstation matches your lifestyle.  Not the opposite.  Standing desks aren't new, but the way ours look, function, and are built are.  We've optimized an amazing product to create the perfect blend of beauty, design, functionality, and affordability.  Don't buy an Ergo Elements standing desk because they're less expensive, buy and Ergo Elements standing desk because they're the best, most functionally necessary, and well designed standing desk products on the market.  


Ergo Elements Brain Boost

Ergo Elements Adjustable Height Standing Desks have been known by our loyal customers to benefit physical health and increase energy level throughout the work day, but compelling new research is showing that it may also also boost your brain function.Researchers at the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health at Texas A&M replaced traditional sit desks with standing [...]

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PC Gaming with Ergo Elements Standing Desk

With more and more entertainment and media shifting towards using Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) today, gaming consoles and devices such as Sony Playstation and Oculus Rift have increasingly adopted Virtual Reality capabilities in their games. If you are a hardcore gamer thinking about or have adopted VR capabilities in your system, you [...]

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The Standing Desk is Here to Stay!

Many think that Adjustable Height Standing Desks are just a temporary fad and trend. You read all the online articles that promote the numerous health and productivity benefits that Adjustable Height Standing Desks such as those made by Ergo Elements provides. It's the cool, hip thing that all the tech offices and companies are adopting.But seriously, how long can [...]

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Standing Desks throughout History

Many think that Standing Desks are just a contemporary fad or trend, but you'd be surprised to learn that Standing Desks were popular in the homes and offices of influential minds during the 18th and 19th centuries. For example, one of the key American Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson, designed a six-legged standing desk with an adjustable work [...]

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T-Frame for Toughness

While shopping around, you may have come across many different types of Adjustable Height Standing Desks from many different manufacturers. And if you went ahead and purchased an Ergo Elements Adjustable Height Standing Desk, you made the right choice. When designing products, Ergo Elements places the highest priority on ergonomics and stability over all other elements. That's why [...]

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Ergo Elements Dual Motor Desk

The Ergo Elements Standard Single Motor Electric Desk has been a great success since it's release and is our hottest seller. But not many know that we have another desk base model that is one level higher in the evolutionary chain of Ergo Elements Adjustable Height Standing Desks. This is our Dual Motor Electric Adjustable Height Desk [...]

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Ergo Elements: Good to the Earth. Good to your Health.

At Ergo Elements we take painstaking care to select materials and construction methods that are not only high quality and high performance, but also safe for everyday use and good to the Earth. That's why when we set out to source materials for our Ergo Elements Desk Tops, we started from scratch to develop a durable proprietary [...]

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The Ergo Elements PC Workstation

So, you setup your newly purchased Ergo Elements Adjustable Height Standing Desk and you're 100% satisfied with the product. The pre-sale customer service support you received from our knowledgable customer support representatives was exceptional. The desk works great and will provide tremendous benefit to your productivity and well-being.But wait! That's not the end of it. Your journey [...]

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Sitting is the New Smoking

Throughout history, humans have evolved from highly mobile creatures who survived on purely physical traits to sedentary ones who rely more heavily on cognition. With this, it's only natural that the technology we use changes with us. But these days, people are surrounded by tools and objects that force them to sit in front of [...]

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