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Active Workstations for

Active Lifestyles

Although the idea of standing desks doesn’t seem super technical, let us tell you, it is. Our desks move with you and adapt to the way you work. Your life isn’t always set at standing in one position, if you need to sit, the desk can accommodate that. For those who have more than one employee, our desks suit the needs of many, not just those apt to standing up. If you need to change the height, our easy design and strong support system means you can do so without a complicated tool set and directions in another language.

Instead of changing your desks for your workplace, cater your desks for your employees. It’s easy to understand that each person may feel differently on how they work best. So for those who are apt for sitting a higher height or even just at the standard desk height, we can accommodate for that as well. The baseline is, our products move with you.

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Improve Your Health

with Ergo Elements

Lower back problems and shoulder pain are standard signals of stress on the body from working in small chairs with little actual support for your body. We sit stressed and hunched over, staring into our computers the entire work day. That is just the stress on our bodies, not to mention any mental stress we receive from the daily grind. Ergo Elements makes products that reflect understanding our bodies’ needs and the essentials of daily work life. We literally, stand behind our desks. It’s easier to stand and discuss opportunities and solutions with your team while we stand and divulge into conversation while producing ideas in our workspace. Standing up and feeling tall and strong in your body is a part of feeling confident and empowered, which is pretty important if you care about your job. We want to provide that for you, daily, by using our standing workspace. Work smarter, stand up.

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Ergo Elements Story

As entrepreneurs and active sportsmen, the Ergo Elements founders have been developing products and brands since 2009. Just like many hardworking men & women, they have logged an enormous amount of time sitting at their desks in their traditional corporate workstations. After several years of working countless hours, at the same traditional desk, the effects began to slowly manifest themselves through back spasms, trips to the chiropractor, diminishing eyesight, and decreased athletic performance.

Being avid sportsman and realizing the importance of taking care of their bodies, they wanted their long work hours to not further cut into their active lifestyles. They knew the long work hours weren’t going away anytime soon, but they needed a way to remove the additional physical stress that their schedules brought on their bodies. They realized there was a lack of well-designed products that encourage an active lifestyle in the workplaces, and as product developers and brand designers, they knew clearly what their next business venture would be.

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Corporate & Bulk Sales

Our Business is Improving Your Business

Our ergonomic furniture and standing desks are outstanding products offered at rock bottom prices. We keep it simple; we are the designers, the manufacturer, and the distributor. Our fully enclosed business model allows us, to offer you, the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. Our active lifestyles led us to the creation of Ergo Elements and we’re excited to share our life improving products with you and your team. With this said, we still get asked “Can you offer even better pricing if we buy desks for our entire office team?” Our answer to this is, “Sure, why not?” View our 2-part corporate sales program, detailed below.

Part 1: Save Your Company Even More Money (Running Total)

Part 2: You Personally Get Rewarded With Gift Cards (One Time Purchases)

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Ergo Elements vs Others

Why are we better? Listen up, we’ll tell you.

Ergonomic doesn’t have to mean ugly. We value style along with functionality. Our products are specifically built with our own team in mind. We like working in many positions throughout the day, all of which, while looking good. We stand above other companies by offering affordable, stylish, innovative, quality products that help improve the lives of those who use them. The Ergo Elements team is dedicated to keeping you in tip-top shape while keeping your boss and your accountant happy as well. With Ergo Elements, standing up for yourself never felt so good.

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Monitor Arms

Complete Your Ergonomic Workstation

Ergonomic monitor mount arms by Ergo Elements help to not only maximize the usable area of your desk, but also to help position your monitor screen at the perfect ergonomic height. Add this critical product to your standing desk workstation to maximize the ergonomic benefits. Ergo Elements has created a line of monitor arms intended to help optimize the positioning and the look of your computer monitors. Creating a bit of space can clear the mind and help ease stress and tension caused by work and or other stresses in life.

Getting your adjustable height workstation to its proper height is only really half the battle. Adjusting your desk height so that your arms are in the proper ergonomic posture position is indeed critcal, but what about your neck? If you’re just staring down at your desk all day you’re not going to get the full benefit of standing desks. Mount your monitor or screen to a monitor arm in order to lift it up the proper eye-level height. The center of your screen should be level with your line of sight. Raise that screen with a Monitor Arm today.

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Our company is dedicated to providing the very best quality products and service. Creating happy and Healthy customers is our goal! We strive to be the best in the industry.

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